“We were blown away by how awesome this was.  It was so perfect – you are a magician”

Martin & Celeste – Vignamaggio, 2019

“She took our visions and made them real”

Jess & Joe – Il Borro, 2018

“Choosing Joëlle Marie was quite simply the best decision we’ve ever made”

Mari & Mats – Vignamaggio, 2018

“Cool, calm and collected, we knew instantly she was the woman for the job”

Lara & Matt – Vincigliata, 2018

“We immediately felt at ease, assured and in safe hands”

Gabbie & Josh – Villa Catignano, 2019

“The biggest of biggest of thanks for arranging the best weekend of our lives”

Valentina & Matthew – Vignamaggio, 2017

“We literally could never have done this without you”

Jessica & Greg – Villa Cora, 2018

Joëlle Marie can help you plan any wedding or event in Tuscany, Italy.


There is a reason why Tuscany is the most popular region in Italy for destination weddings. The ‘golden hour’ as the sun sets brushes the vibrant green olive groves and terracotta rooftops with pinks and golds from the horizon, seen from every terrace and garden, making it impossible not to stand, stare and absorb, accepting a cold glass of Prosecco or a crisp Aperol Spritz.  The food, famous the world over, never fails to excite, charm and romance the soul, making it impossible not to smile. The summer air, delicately scented with rosemary, jasmine and sage, warms into the early hours making it impossible not to eat, drink and celebrate ‘al fresco’ all night long, under the stars.  Tuscany makes it impossible not to shed those inhibitions, just a little bit. 


With the poetic also comes the practical and if you are looking to plan your wedding in Tuscany without the costs running away with you, where do you start?

Today, an incredible range of information exists online about getting married in Italy.  Savvy couples are keen to plan their weddings independently, but quickly become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of choices presented by vendors, venues, planners, and bloggers.


Planning a wedding in Tuscany doesn’t need to be stressful.  It should be a positive experience where you feel confident and reassured every step of the way.  In some cases, choosing an overseas destination actually makes certain elements of planning a wedding easier but the physical distance and language barrier can be daunting.  I understand this only too well. As with any important life decision where you invest time, money and emotions, you need to get advice, expert advice, that you trust.


Every couple has their own vision, budget, and style.  I will help you stay true to your vision by guiding you through the ‘worldwide wedding web’.  Don’t be taken for a ride, or lose anything in translation, especially on your wedding day!

Bear in mind that a wedding in Tuscany won’t necessarily offer you a saving, but know that Tuscany can offer your guests exquisite experiences of the highest quality that they will talk about forever.  My job is to show you where to find them.


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