A wedding in Tuscany is a very attractive idea for many couples.  The maths is quite simple. A love of good food, a love of sunshine, a love of beautiful landscapes added to the desire to give yourselves, friends and loved ones a wedding experience to remember, with a holiday to boot!  From the very outset when considering a destination wedding many questions present themselves, understandably more so than if planning a wedding on your home turf.  Cost, logistics, trust, translation, support, reliability, the unknown and misinformation are all high on the list of stumbling block factors, which can often steer people away from what should be a very smooth path.

One lined with olive trees and interspersed with the odd wine tasting in fact.  It’s simply a question of getting a good map and asking the right navigator.  My guides aim to map out your journey to planning your wedding in Tuscany and will be available via this website soon.  My consultancy and planning services will help you make the most efficient route selections in terms of time, money and experience. This video gives you a taster of some of my top tips to consider when planning a wedding in Tuscany.  Feel free to drop me a line if you’d like more.  Enjoy!