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About what, who and why Joëlle Marie Events offers freelance, bespoke wedding management and event planning services in Italy for private individuals, agencies and corporate clients, looking for expert, insider knowledge of Italy, including venues, suppliers and bureaucratic procedures. 

Each wedding and event is followed with a personal, tailored and professional service, delivered with the utmost efficiency, dedication and passion.


Set up by Joëlle Edwards in 2010, Joëlle Marie Events is the result of over 17 years experience in international event management for high profile clients with high expectations, in incredible locations around the world.  Joëlle is known for her great working relationship with a vast network of suppliers, her loyalty to her clients and her attention to detail.  As a perfectionist in her work, she does what it takes to make the best even better.

When asked "why Italy and why weddings?" Joëlle replies:

"From the moment I first arrived in Florence as part of my university studies, Italy has always put a smile on my face.  It makes my blood run faster - the warmth, the fun, the sun, the skies, the smiles, the passion, the theatre.  I still consider it one of the most beautiful and romantic places in the world.

After working in London, Sicily and Barcelona, I returned to the UK capital to work with Bafta (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) on their large scale awards ceremonies and gala dinners.  As incredible as this experience was, my heart still ached for Italy and I missed the personal contact of planning private events.  Wedding planning was something I had considered from very early on but there never seemed to be a right time to get involved, until 2007, when I was put in contact with a top London agency for weddings in Italy looking to recruit an Italian speaking planner.

I went on to organise weddings in some of Italy's most exclusive venues for a range of clients, including celebrities.  I took to the job (and the challenges it brings) instantly and still take great pleasure in helping couples simply realise their dream...and of course provide an incredible party!  Now working as a freelance wedding and event planner all over Italy, the job is as exciting as ever and every event is a wonderful new adventure!  Discovering new properties and locations on a daily basis means I can offer my clients the pick of the bunch.

Behind the scenes there is a great team involved in 'staging' a wedding and the rapport created with the host of suppliers is crucial to the success of the event.  It is a constant test of patience, an exercise in diplomacy and a task of problem solving and improvisation...all served with a smile!

Sometimes when I find myself halfway up an olive grove, chasing a priest on a vespa, I do question why...but the smiles and tears of joy of the bride and groom quickly remind me how worthwhile every aspect of my job is, how much of a romantic I am and how much I secretly enjoy creating the event of a lifetime!"

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